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History and development of the HI6SIM gliding simulator:

Soaring Flightsimulator: Condor Gliding simulator V2

The HI6SIM originated from the HI5 Oldtimer Flying Group.
J.van Os our private instructor † 12/4/2017 87
P Saul found most of the household vacuum cleaners † 4/21/2006 74
H v d Heijden creator of the website HI5 soaring group / HI5 HI6SIM intro
T v d Berg Mechanical HI6SIM lathe with milling column. † 11-2-2018 82

D. Jippes developer of HI6SIM HW / SW, HI6SIM website.

Our old info card
Website domein:  djippes.nl/hi6sim

Ideas and progress over the years:

FS WEEKENDS at Aviodome Leijstad
2004 MK I Threaded rod M12 with bronze nut in central heating pipes.
2005 MK II Threaded rod M10 with bronze nut in parts of bicycle frame.

2006 MK III Threaded rod M10 with bronze nut in a Nylatron block and
     guide of stainless steel 8mm tube.

2011 MKIII (Current) Primitive enclosed cabin,
    Digital input from "BFF 6dof pgm" input from FS "Condor".

2012 MK IV (Ideas / &) Think ------ think ........... (ideas / parts),
    Demo video of 1 leg.

2015 MK IV design frame in aluminum.

2017 First use of transport car and the use og a Boedelbak.

2018 Without Ton, past away 1 day before theFSWeekend.
2019 Demo at Noordkop, Sim sold to Aeroclub Friesland due to siknes.

2020 well recovered after operation. At distance futher developing
    MK IV SW and HW, total setup.

In 2006 we started with a presentation at the
 Flight Simulator Weekend of the Aviodrome in Lelystad
   with 1 working leg


This has grown further every year.
From a 2 DOF demo unit:


up to a 6 DOF platform:


Can be operated with a 6 DOF joystick:

Click on photo for video.


In 2009 platform with seat and 6 DOF joystick controls and 3 bicycle pumps
with 4 ato maximum air pressure for weight compensation


In 2010 with Glider flight simulator “CONDOR” and
a HFT (Harware Force Translator)
as an intermediate step for control:


3 servos control the top plate with rotational movements.
3 servos control the bottom plate for the slide movements.
The 6 slide potentiometers determine the leg length for the real platform;


In 2011 the 6 DOF control program from Ian Hopper
       Buggies for Fun (BFF) started:



And separate instrument display from Condor Free Instruments
and a PDA for navigation:


Furthermore, expanded with panel
for extra simulator functions           and adjustable foot steering.

sw-p   padels

Rudder force return signal with motors and a real joystick


2 PCs linked via network cable futhrtconnections via USB cables.
The 6 legs are connected via a Daisy chain and are therefore self-addressing.

Upcoming FSWeekend in November to see
and try for yourself in the DIY department.



See you at the next FSWeekend.

Last participation of Ton vd Berg in the FSWeekend event 2017.
Click on picture for Video:


Ton vd Berg is in2018 1 dag voor het FSWeekend overleden...